Do you want to travel abroad and is your dream to become a professional storyteller? Are you a passionate citizen who wants to share his skills and learn from mentors in the field? You are invited to join The Caravan’s Journal on its skill building program in Yangon, Myanmar.

The Caravans Journal invites Europe’s most passionate storytellers to work together with storytellers from Myanmar. Participants are trained to feed their curiosity and produce content worthy of international publication. By joining forces, the group will learn from each other’s skills and shape the future of international storytelling.

Training mission:
Travel far, inspire others and share stories.

Between the world’s largest Democracy: India, and the world’s largest economy: China, lies a land that is still very unknown to the outside world. In 2012, after five decades of authoritarian rule, Myanmar (also known as Burma) has re-opened its doors for the outside world. This golden land, known for its ancient culture and Buddhist wisdom is the Asian cub, ready to take its place as a fully-grown tiger.

Many have high expectations of the promised General Elections in 2015. Nobel prize winner and long time political prisoner Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has re-entered the political scene and is hoping to lead the country into a new era. An internal reform process has taken place and international sanctions have faded. In these first steps of the country’s path to becoming a democratic society, changes towards a free and independent media have started.

During the reporting trip, participants will take part in workshop sessions and work together with mentors, hereby improving their general understanding of the hosting country and their skills as a storyteller.

Training program
The trainingproject will take place during the weeks before the Burmese General Election of 2015
Date: 8-18 October, 2015
Duration: 10-day skill building program.

Reporting trip: participants are making a joint ten-day reporting trip to Myanmar, in which they work together as a group and bring their skills into practice. They produce mediaproductions related to the country.

Mentors: during the entire program mentors will follow and lead the group. They assist with advice and practical information as well as giving professional workshops in storytelling.

Masterclasses: local and foreign journalists, politicians, historians, writers, activists, sales managers or editors will provide a variety of classes during the course.

Media productions: during and after the trip, the participants will publish several media productions on the website of and at other media outlets in both Myanmar and Europe. Every participant is responsible for publishing this own productions, and will be extensively trained to do so.

• Flights: € 800,-
• Accommodation: € 300,-
• Course: € 400,-
          Total:  € 1500,-

You can apply by filling in this document:
Deadline ends on the 9th of August 2015

Selection criteria

  • Personal motivation of student;
  • Level of experience in the field;
  • Social capacities and willingness to share experience / work in a group;
  • Background and curiosity;
  • A thorough knowledge of the English language is required.

Within 14 days after applying you will receive the contract, invoice and the terms and conditions that apply to this trip. Your application will be finalized when a successful bank transfer is made.

Projectleader Johannes De Bruycker: cc