Don’t let the lack of funds get in the way of making great independent media productions. Come to the VersPers Crowdfunding Conference in Amsterdam and learn everything you need to know about crowdfunding! Get inspired by media makers from every corner of Europe, work with well-known experts in the field and start crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding is well used by start-up companies and performing artists. But, it is not common under journalists in Europe jet. During a three-day skill-building event in May media makers from all over Europe learn how to finance their journalistic projects by using crowdfunding. Learn how to work undependable from commercial sponsors on topics of concern. After three days of learning, hard work and new inspiration you will have a crowdfund campaign ready to kick off.

Conference program

Day 1, 14.00 – 18.00
We start the conference with an introduction. Get to know crowdfuding theories and learn how to build a fan base. And let’s not forget the importance of storytelling on this first day. After learning the theories, it is time to make the first draft of your own crowdfunding plan. We will finish this hard day of work with a nice warm welcome dinner in the evening. Get to know each other and get inspired!

Day 2,  9.00 – 18.00
We will get to work early in the morning. Make your crowdfunding plans final, pitch your plans to our professionals and get ready for multimedia day! Learn everything about online strategies and how to use these strategies to get people donating money to your project. After lunch you will be ready to shoot your own campaign trailer.

Day 3,  9.00 -15.00
On this last day, it is time to get your campaign ready to go online! First, edit your trailer with the help of experts. Make sure everything is picture perfect and than the big moment has arrived. Time to start your campaign and start raising money!


When: 14 – 16 May 2016, during Pentecost weekend.

Where: Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Costs: € 125,- (three-day conference, including one dinner and two lunches)
Accommodation and travel costs are not included! Tip: stay at the ClinkNoord hostel.

Do you want to take crowdfunding a step further? Join the European Crossmedia Project afterwards the conference and travel the world reporting the Paralympics! During this project participants will travel with a group of professionals to a destination in Africa, Asia or Europe. Here they will report on the situation of athletes with a disability. More information will about this project will be published soon.